For the first time in a long time, I have completed two photoshoots with models, where I was incharge.

The first was with Ivory Flame at Pavilion Photostudio in Bathgate. I have shot at theis studio a number of times before. I really like the studio and have shot there a number of times I would recomend this studio to any photographer that needs a studio in central Scotland. I also recomend Ivory Flame if you need a very natural model who is extremely photogenic.

Anyway, this was a two hour slot as part of her studio day.I had a number of ideas that I wanted to try. Ivory Flame had outfits that suited most of these and she worked hard to get the images that I wanted.  Here are the first pictures.

I will create a seperate post about the other shoot later.

Ivory Flame



The Past

Things that soon won’t exist as there is no need for them.  These are parts of Heritage.  People will soon not know what a Telegraph Poll is.  Or indeed what a Telegraph is or was.  These are obviously edits of the same picture.

End-of-the-Road-Charcoal-Pencil-Sketch_IMG9932 I'm a tree, look I have branches_IMG9929 Horror-I'm-a-tree,-look-I-have-branches-analog-effects-classic-1_IMG9929 Forlorn Colour_IMG9930 Forlorn Silver-effex-Full-COntrast_IMG9930 Hitting-the-Buffers-Analog-Efex-Classic-Camers-5-Colour_IMG9931 Fitting-the-buffers-Silver-Efex-Pinhole_IMG9931 Hitting-the-buffers-original_IMG9931 End-of-the-ROad-Vintage-Leak_IMG9932

Out and About 2

Here are a few more pictures.  These are old ones that I have only recently edited.

Edit 1 & 2 a very pretty fishing boat, picture 2 a large Ro Ro car transporter.

Little and large.  Contrasting ships on the River Tyne.

Edit 1

2016.03.12 Warmified-Colour-North-Shields-Fish-quay_IMG9622

Edit 2

2016.03.12 BW-Scenic-Landscape_North-Shields-Fish-Key-IMG9622

Picture 2


Here are a few taken from the River Tay early in the morning.  I think the plane is going somewhere warm and sunny.  The Oil Rig and the ship moored in Dundee Docks.  The oil rig had been there for months.

To-far-to-get-a-decent-image_IMG9882 Oil Rig and Ship all 5 edits IMG9883 Edited Colour and Vivid Landscape BW-1 img 9883

On the Ocean Waves

Here are a few pictures from April when I was on a ship anchored off the Isle of Arran.  This is on the Firth of Clyde on the west coast of Scotland.

This is a very busy area.  Here are pictures of the ships that I was able to get pictures of inbetween watches.  2016.04-HMS-Sutherland-from-Maersk-Rapier-Brodick-Bay_IMG0025 2016.04-HMS-Sutherland-Brodick-Bay_IMG0009 2016.04-Arran-Ferry-Brodick-Bay_IMG0036 2016.04-Sailing-Away_IMG0049 2016.04-Arran-Ferry-at-Brodick-Bay_IMG0030 Submarine-on-the-surface-on-the-Clyde_IMG0002 2016.04-HMS-Sutherland-Isle-of-Arran_IMG0001 2016.04-Non-Royal-Navy-Frigate-Firth-of-Clyde_IMG0010 2016.04-Non-Royal-Navy-Frigate-Firth-of-Clyde-Full-Dynamic-Harsh_IMG0010 2016.04-Arran-Ferry-Full-Spectrum_IMG0036

Longtime no see, or all at sea

I apologise for the long gap in posting.  However I work in the Merchant Navy, as such I have been away for the past 4 months, I have had next to no time to take or post pictures.

There was only really two occasions where I could shoot.  Even then I was time limited, anyway here are a few pictures from the first.

So here are some pictures from Ascension Island taken in June 2016.

_IMG0055-Ascension-Island-Government-HouseColoyur-Efex-Indian-Summer _IMG0055-Ascension-Island-Government-HouseSilver-Efex-Film-Noir _IMG0055-Ascension-Island-Government-HouseSilver-Efex-Full-COntrast-and-Structure _IMG0063-Maersk-Rapier-Ascension-Island-Extreme-Range-Silver-Efex-Full-COntrast-and-Structure _IMG0063-Maersk-Rapier-Ascension-Silver-Efex-Wet-Rocks _IMG0064-Green-Mountain-from-Two-Boats-Ascension-Island _IMG0064-Green--Mountain-from-Two-Boats-Ascension-Island-Adobe-Vivid-Landscape-BW-preset _IMG0064-Green-Mountain-from-Two-Boats-Ascension-Island-Analogue-Pro-Classic-Camera-4 _IMG0064-Green-Mountain-from-Two-Boats-Ascension-Island-Silver-Efex-Pro-Full-Spectrum _IMG0065-Georgetown-Ascension-Island-from-Two-Boats-Road _IMG0065-Georgetown-Ascension-Island-from-Two-Boats-Road-Adobe-BW-platinum _IMG0065-Georgetown-Ascension-Island-from-Twoboats-Road-Analogue-Efex-Pro-preset-classic-camera-2 _IMG0107-Georgetown-Ascension-Island-2016.06.06-Early-Evening-Colour _IMG0107-Georgetown-Ascension-Island-2016.06.06-Early-Evening-Vivid-Landscape _IMG0107-Georgetown-Ascension-Island-2016.06 _IMG0110-Sunset-from-Poopdeck-of-Maersk-Rapier-Ascension-Island-2016.06.06-1 _IMG0111-Sunset-from-poopodeck-of-the-Maersk-Rapier-at-Ascension-Island-2016.06.06-2 _IMG0112-2016.06.06 Afterglow-from-the-poopdeck-of-the-Maersk-Rapier-at Ascension-Island _IMG0113-I-am-the-Mast-House-Flag-and-Bravo-early-evening _IMG0117-Av-Gas-beach _IMG0117-Petrol-in-paradise-Georgetown-Ascension-Island Silver Efex Pro Full Structure _IMG00702016.06.06-Maersk-Rapier-Ascension-I-Anchor-Platinum-B-&-W _IMG00702016.06.06-Maersk-Rapier-Ascension-Island-extreme-range-cross-process-purple 2016.06.06_IMG0069-Maersk-Rapier-Georgetown-Ascension-Island-Silver-Efex-full-contrast Georgetown-Ascansion-Island-from-Maersk-Rapier-Bridge-Wing_IMG0108 Goodbye-Georgetown-Ascension-Island-from-Maersk-Rapier_IMG0116 Green-Mountain-Ascension-Island-from-Maersk-Rapier-bridge-wing_IMG0109 Green-Mountain-Ascension-Island-from-Maersk-Rapier-Dark-Contrast-_IMG0109 Maersk-Rapier-Ascension-Island-Vivid-Landscape_IMG0070


Yesterday I posted on my initial reflections on the Fashion Nude Workshop that I attended at Harbour Studio in North Shields with Stephen Perry and Zara Watson as the model.

I really enjoyed the day, learned a lot etc.  The post is on here if you wish to read it.  My main thought was that I was not particularly comfortable shooting nudes of any description.

I have now had a day to reflect on the fashion nude tuition and have edited some of the pictures and have been in the process of uploading them here.  I continue to think that I am not really comfortable in shooting the genre.  However the pictures themselves are excellent.

Whilst yesterday I had written off shooting more fashion nude in the furure, I have decided that I will try shooting this genre again in the future.

 I have striven for years to take good fashion(ish) pictures.  Here is a flickr album of older pictures that I have recently uploaded.  (  I feel that it correctly convays what my style has been until now.

I think that a good deal of the unease comes from a thought that I will make tacky pictures that I would not be proud of.  That I will make cheap looking nudes for the sake of taking pictures of a girl with no clothes on.

However I beleive that if I am careful with my planning, shoosing the correct collaberators, I would certainly be able to produce really good images.  Whether this will overcome my reticence about shooting nude pictures I am not sure.