The Past

Things that soon won’t exist as there is no need for them.  These are parts of Heritage.  People will soon not know what a Telegraph Poll is.  Or indeed what a Telegraph is or was.  These are obviously edits of the same picture.

End-of-the-Road-Charcoal-Pencil-Sketch_IMG9932 I'm a tree, look I have branches_IMG9929 Horror-I'm-a-tree,-look-I-have-branches-analog-effects-classic-1_IMG9929 Forlorn Colour_IMG9930 Forlorn Silver-effex-Full-COntrast_IMG9930 Hitting-the-Buffers-Analog-Efex-Classic-Camers-5-Colour_IMG9931 Fitting-the-buffers-Silver-Efex-Pinhole_IMG9931 Hitting-the-buffers-original_IMG9931 End-of-the-ROad-Vintage-Leak_IMG9932

Out and About 2

Here are a few more pictures.  These are old ones that I have only recently edited.

Edit 1 & 2 a very pretty fishing boat, picture 2 a large Ro Ro car transporter.

Little and large.  Contrasting ships on the River Tyne.

Edit 1

2016.03.12 Warmified-Colour-North-Shields-Fish-quay_IMG9622

Edit 2

2016.03.12 BW-Scenic-Landscape_North-Shields-Fish-Key-IMG9622

Picture 2


Here are a few taken from the River Tay early in the morning.  I think the plane is going somewhere warm and sunny.  The Oil Rig and the ship moored in Dundee Docks.  The oil rig had been there for months.

To-far-to-get-a-decent-image_IMG9882 Oil Rig and Ship all 5 edits IMG9883 Edited Colour and Vivid Landscape BW-1 img 9883

On the Ocean Waves

Here are a few pictures from April when I was on a ship anchored off the Isle of Arran.  This is on the Firth of Clyde on the west coast of Scotland.

This is a very busy area.  Here are pictures of the ships that I was able to get pictures of inbetween watches.  2016.04-HMS-Sutherland-from-Maersk-Rapier-Brodick-Bay_IMG0025 2016.04-HMS-Sutherland-Brodick-Bay_IMG0009 2016.04-Arran-Ferry-Brodick-Bay_IMG0036 2016.04-Sailing-Away_IMG0049 2016.04-Arran-Ferry-at-Brodick-Bay_IMG0030 Submarine-on-the-surface-on-the-Clyde_IMG0002 2016.04-HMS-Sutherland-Isle-of-Arran_IMG0001 2016.04-Non-Royal-Navy-Frigate-Firth-of-Clyde_IMG0010 2016.04-Non-Royal-Navy-Frigate-Firth-of-Clyde-Full-Dynamic-Harsh_IMG0010 2016.04-Arran-Ferry-Full-Spectrum_IMG0036

Longtime no see, or all at sea

I apologise for the long gap in posting.  However I work in the Merchant Navy, as such I have been away for the past 4 months, I have had next to no time to take or post pictures.

There was only really two occasions where I could shoot.  Even then I was time limited, anyway here are a few pictures from the first.

So here are some pictures from Ascension Island taken in June 2016.

_IMG0055-Ascension-Island-Government-HouseColoyur-Efex-Indian-Summer _IMG0055-Ascension-Island-Government-HouseSilver-Efex-Film-Noir _IMG0055-Ascension-Island-Government-HouseSilver-Efex-Full-COntrast-and-Structure _IMG0063-Maersk-Rapier-Ascension-Island-Extreme-Range-Silver-Efex-Full-COntrast-and-Structure _IMG0063-Maersk-Rapier-Ascension-Silver-Efex-Wet-Rocks _IMG0064-Green-Mountain-from-Two-Boats-Ascension-Island _IMG0064-Green--Mountain-from-Two-Boats-Ascension-Island-Adobe-Vivid-Landscape-BW-preset _IMG0064-Green-Mountain-from-Two-Boats-Ascension-Island-Analogue-Pro-Classic-Camera-4 _IMG0064-Green-Mountain-from-Two-Boats-Ascension-Island-Silver-Efex-Pro-Full-Spectrum _IMG0065-Georgetown-Ascension-Island-from-Two-Boats-Road _IMG0065-Georgetown-Ascension-Island-from-Two-Boats-Road-Adobe-BW-platinum _IMG0065-Georgetown-Ascension-Island-from-Twoboats-Road-Analogue-Efex-Pro-preset-classic-camera-2 _IMG0107-Georgetown-Ascension-Island-2016.06.06-Early-Evening-Colour _IMG0107-Georgetown-Ascension-Island-2016.06.06-Early-Evening-Vivid-Landscape _IMG0107-Georgetown-Ascension-Island-2016.06 _IMG0110-Sunset-from-Poopdeck-of-Maersk-Rapier-Ascension-Island-2016.06.06-1 _IMG0111-Sunset-from-poopodeck-of-the-Maersk-Rapier-at-Ascension-Island-2016.06.06-2 _IMG0112-2016.06.06 Afterglow-from-the-poopdeck-of-the-Maersk-Rapier-at Ascension-Island _IMG0113-I-am-the-Mast-House-Flag-and-Bravo-early-evening _IMG0117-Av-Gas-beach _IMG0117-Petrol-in-paradise-Georgetown-Ascension-Island Silver Efex Pro Full Structure _IMG00702016.06.06-Maersk-Rapier-Ascension-I-Anchor-Platinum-B-&-W _IMG00702016.06.06-Maersk-Rapier-Ascension-Island-extreme-range-cross-process-purple 2016.06.06_IMG0069-Maersk-Rapier-Georgetown-Ascension-Island-Silver-Efex-full-contrast Georgetown-Ascansion-Island-from-Maersk-Rapier-Bridge-Wing_IMG0108 Goodbye-Georgetown-Ascension-Island-from-Maersk-Rapier_IMG0116 Green-Mountain-Ascension-Island-from-Maersk-Rapier-bridge-wing_IMG0109 Green-Mountain-Ascension-Island-from-Maersk-Rapier-Dark-Contrast-_IMG0109 Maersk-Rapier-Ascension-Island-Vivid-Landscape_IMG0070


Yesterday I posted on my initial reflections on the Fashion Nude Workshop that I attended at Harbour Studio in North Shields with Stephen Perry and Zara Watson as the model.

I really enjoyed the day, learned a lot etc.  The post is on here if you wish to read it.  My main thought was that I was not particularly comfortable shooting nudes of any description.

I have now had a day to reflect on the fashion nude tuition and have edited some of the pictures and have been in the process of uploading them here.  I continue to think that I am not really comfortable in shooting the genre.  However the pictures themselves are excellent.

Whilst yesterday I had written off shooting more fashion nude in the furure, I have decided that I will try shooting this genre again in the future.

 I have striven for years to take good fashion(ish) pictures.  Here is a flickr album of older pictures that I have recently uploaded.  (  I feel that it correctly convays what my style has been until now.

I think that a good deal of the unease comes from a thought that I will make tacky pictures that I would not be proud of.  That I will make cheap looking nudes for the sake of taking pictures of a girl with no clothes on.

However I beleive that if I am careful with my planning, shoosing the correct collaberators, I would certainly be able to produce really good images.  Whether this will overcome my reticence about shooting nude pictures I am not sure.